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Welcome to Chef Mike Mech's Bungalow Kitchen




Every recipe tells a story. That is where the Bungalow Chef is a master.

Mike Mech brings new life to timeless classic recipes and shares many of his own contemporary sweet and savory creations. Now home chefs can easily bring his flavorful dishes to their tables every day or on special occasions.

“No recipe is complete without an introduction relative to its origin. From a story about a family member who first shared the recipe or taught me a special culinary technique, to an occasion that inspired me to create a new dish, to ingredients and methods that fit today’s changing lifestyle. There's something for everyone.”

 "Every recipe has a story." ---Mike Mech, The Bungalow Chef


Contact Me


Please contact me directly to arrange cooking demonstrations or personal appearances.

You can ask me a question or sign up for my quarterly newsletter below. My newsletter is a friendly page filled with recipes, tips, bungalow finds and decor. No hard sell ads, just nostalgic fun!

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